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Welcome to the Mestas Family Reunion Home Page

This is website is dedicated to the Mestas family members to plan and coordinate our family reunions. In addition, we a photo gallery from our 2011 family reunion and hope to soon have a videos page create.

We hope everyone provides us some feedback on ideas how we can better improve our reunions by either doing more activities, try out different locations, etc. This year at our 2011 family reunion, we will be conducting interview questions regarding our family history to better document any questions we have had. Using the videos will help our family, especially the younger generation take advantage of seeing our grandparents share their stories and history. Any suggestions will be helpful to organize this before September 2011.

If you have any pictures from older family reunions, please send me a email to mestasjim@email.phoenix.edu. Hopefully at the conclusion of our 2011 family reunion, I hope to have a page for automatic uploads to the website. Enjoy and send me some feedback!

Image containing 5 pictures from 2011 Reunion

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